how the fuck do you make a decent ramp

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i just cant make a decent ramp :twisted: [color=darkblue][/color]  

05 Jan 2003 19:06
can anyone out there answer my question :!:  

05 Jan 2003 19:28
what kinda ramp are you trying to build?
tell me and i'll try to help you out.... :lol:  

05 Jan 2003 19:34
a mini ramp. just to pull a few tricks on u no some stalls grinds whatever for skateboarding and just skating realy something decent to practice on and that will last for a while  

05 Jan 2003 22:52
start with the ones below, quite easy to build, light, portable & cheap.....

Launch Ramp Plan;
[url=]click here[/url]

1/4 Pipe with tail Plan;
[url=]click here[/url]

hope it helps..........
and if you build one of these ramps don't forget to send in some
pics to us :twisted:  

05 Jan 2003 23:53
cheers for that but i was lookin 4 a mini ramp  

06 Jan 2003 08:53
Maybe i can help you out.I have been trying to build one myself but i am having trouble finding the materials.I have couple of plans if you want them?  

23 Jan 2003 09:18
i want them! :?  

15 Feb 2003 18:15
out of wood  

18 Feb 2003 22:12
hey dudes i know im new but i do know somewhat about building skateramps i have a quarter pipe and im making it into a half pipe i have a launch ramp and i have a grind box so if u need help i will take pics of it inside the ramps and shit to tell u guys how  

06 Mar 2003 15:09
[url][/url] this is a really good site for building ramps  

26 May 2003 17:13
There are ramp plans on
Just search the net if you want to find mini ramp plans.  

03 Jun 2003 18:16
and my backyard next spring. i had to put off plans for it at my house because were moving.  

28 Sep 2005 13:47

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