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which 1 of these cartoons do u lot like de best

if u no ne other toons give me them and i;ll add them  

13 Jun 2004 18:17
dude you forgot the family guy,and i like that and the simpsons cuz they remind me of my family...hahaha  

14 Jun 2004 19:59
oh yeah that is funny i'll add it  

15 Jun 2004 10:59
shit i cant add it are well  

15 Jun 2004 11:00
well still people can tell you what they like....  

15 Jun 2004 20:38
mr jones
i reacon tom and jerry is kool! 8) funny fools  

29 Jul 2004 16:24
yeah its funny u never see the cooking lady its annoying  

29 Jul 2004 16:25
mr jones
her face could look like a monster, i bet the tom and jerry producers did nt want the kids to get frightened  

29 Jul 2004 16:27
lol maybe  

29 Jul 2004 16:29
that rod runner dude and the coyote or w/e he is on looney toons is cool he like always blows himself up trying to stop the road runner  

29 Jul 2004 18:48
family guy rules..
peter falls over and for like ten minutes he clutches his knee and goes..
"* gasp* aaaaahahhhhhhh... *gasp* aaaahhhhhhh.." lol  

12 Oct 2004 04:14

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