problems carving and jumping

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ok i can get up and do heelside carves all day
but every time i go to toeside i seem to get my back foot my toes actually caught in the wave making it impossible to get a good pop off the wake
ive tried adjusting my back binding to help with this problem but it doesnt seem to work
any pointers to help me anyone?
any help would be greatly appreciated  

14 Jun 2004 02:51
Same thing was happened to me when i jumped on my friends board. Don't have a problem on mine. Could have sumthing to do with your weight.  

02 May 2006 07:55
you might just have leg strength at all and like zenith said "might have something to do with your weight"  

18 Jun 2007 06:20
it has everything to do with your weight, and your board size. And also make sure your bindings are centered in the middle of your board, not to far out in the back or front, because that will catch the water. If you're a beginner you should be on a big and wide board. Which would help.  

05 Aug 2007 00:15

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