world industries are sell outs....

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man i found out that will sell out for anything,cuz they sold out again and you can buy boards and shoes at target...there a shame to becalled a skate company...them losers make me mad :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: .well what do yall think?????  

19 Jun 2004 22:32
They just have [color=red]VERY[/color] low prices. I GOT 2 DECKS, a pair of trucks (pre-assembled) , 8 wheels, all with abec [color=red]5[/color] bearings.  

02 Oct 2004 02:39
I completely industries sucks @$$!! they are a sad excuse for a skate company  

19 Nov 2004 04:49
yes i agree they suck. its a joke to be on there team.  

19 Nov 2004 05:49
oh i get it, all this is old posts and rubbish brought back...

that's me IA_bobe  

29 Jul 2005 06:44
i agree. at dicks sporting goods near me you can get a world industries complete for $50. without sale

however they are probally good for beginning boards  

30 Jul 2005 06:11
Any board is good for beginners. I've said that before. But if you are any good, go with either Element or Darkstar.  

06 Aug 2005 16:45
alien workshops...the best...  

07 Aug 2005 07:28
world industries also sells at canadian  

07 Aug 2005 18:19
IA_bobe:They just have VERY low prices. I GOT 2 DECKS, a pair of trucks (pre-assembled) , 8 wheels, all with abec 5 bearings.

-Post-Low price boards are bad,they dont work or last long.  

08 Aug 2005 00:36
i realized that when i got my first alien workshop, i was like wow, it's so much better  

08 Aug 2005 07:47

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