im thinking of making a vid

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im thinking of making a bmx ,mtb movie i just wanted to know what ppl think about the idar  

24 Jun 2004 13:25
Your not the first to come up with that idea. Go ahead and do it, have fun editing heh.  

25 Jun 2004 00:25
I don't care if I am not the first one to come up with that idea, but that is why I said I am THINKING about making a video. As for editing I have all the equipment to edit, so stop hating everything I just want to try is there anything wrong with that. I don't understand why there are people that come on these sites just to bag out other people, is that the only way you can feel better about yourself.  

25 Jun 2004 05:39
you hit the nail on the head buddy,
go ahead with the vid its a hella good idea, me and me mates made a vid, was bout cars and stuff not, was heaps of fun to make, if you got a digital
video camera and a computer with windows XP just Edit it through
Windows Movie Maker too easy :D just make sure tp ad some fat Hip-Hop
or Punk in the background and your set, my vid will be available here soon:

25 Jun 2004 06:54
Well, lol, sorry this is kind of funny to me, reason being I wasn't "hating" at all. I simply made a statement and obviously you read it wrong and took it the wrong way. By saying your not the first I said that because you came on asking what people think about you making a video, which seems odd to me. But maybe I should rephrase what I said, so some people don't take it the wrong way and accuse me of "hating". Have fun taking the time to edit it, enjoy yourself while making it and remember its for fun (I think) don't get to angry with whoever helps you. :wink:  

25 Jun 2004 06:55

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