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first message on here, aanyways i wanna ask about dropping in. In my local skate park there's a 4ft half pipe. I wanna learn to drop in, but when i get up to the top and stand on the edge of the coping i just can't lean forwards it sucks. :cry: Can any1 give me ANY advice on how to get over this? :? :? :? Is there anything i can do to boost my balance before i try to dorp in? Thx in advance

:arrow: skag  

28 Jun 2004 10:42
try it backwards they at least u know that u can do it forwards!!!jokes
hey try pumpin it from the middle and get a feel for the ramp then go up to the top and block ur mind and lean forward.
u must commit urself to it. its no use trying it then pulling out halfway through.it hurts

07 Aug 2004 11:08
im not sure but its sound like ur standing up to tall because it shouldnt be that hard to lean forwards. next time try bending ur knees a little more it might help. if u can tell me what happens when u try it. Just wondering if thats the case  

17 Sep 2004 02:57

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