new guy getting BACK into flatland!

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ok here is a lil history of myself,, i used to ride back in the day when dennis "the real" mccoy was the man.. and eddie fiola and martin apario were the gt team,,, and woody itson and rl osborn were on scene.... i used to own a 1987 gt pro freestyle tour,, chrome,,,, ,,,,,

now that is is 15 years later and im 30 years young,, i have recently purchased a dyno frame and fork set from ebay,,, i plan on putting everything on it,, but i have no idea what to get,, and the least expensive way to get it...

now to me the most important thing was having powerful brakes... what is a great combination of rims and brakes,, i have bolts on forks for u/v brakes and the rear aswell.... and what is the deal with triple and double walled rims...

thanks for your help,, i think i might have foound another home to visit,,, also my favorite trick used to be a fire hydrant to a double decade to a flair,,,, ,, or even the rollade,,

thanks for your help guys/gals  

12 Jan 2003 23:50
i think your comma key is stuck.

I rode back then and I ride now. alot has changed. but alot has stayed the same.

you mentioned not wanting to spend alot of money. so I can't really recomend much, just get what you can afford.

the brakes to use these days are center pulls. dia-compe makes good ones but there are alot of other companys that make them as well.

is your dyno frame an "old school" one inch head tube or is it an inch and an eight?  

12 Jan 2003 23:52
dont know what type of frame it is,, or from what decade... but it doesnt have the regular frame.. i think i might have the ebay auction still where it shows he color and type.... if so i will post it... but i can put center pull on the forks.. but i have no idea what type/kind/brand of rims to get... i have been reading about chrome rims and that they have superior stopping power,,, since im old school i just wanted to know if the odyssey gyro was still being made,, or has it changed its name to "ORYG"..

the only problem i am having is deciding on rim and brakes,, just wanted to know the best combonation,,,,, when i say i dont have a large spending limit,, just means i dont want to spend a grand on rims i will be willing to pay up to 200 on complete rims and both brakes..

also what happened to dennis mccoy?????  

12 Jan 2003 23:53
DMC still rides. i think he rides for mongoose.

as for rims and brakes....

get anything you want. 48 spokes are still in although alot of folks are going w/ 36 because the rims are SO freaking strong these days. chrome is better for braking.

if your bike has center pull posts, then you get center pulls for brakes. if not your going to be running whatever crappy brakes you ran "back in the day"  

12 Jan 2003 23:54
flatland or dirt?  

12 Jan 2003 23:57
yea they still have the oddysey gyroo. actually got 3 of em out now. for the lowest prices id say go to and order a catalogue. id say the best rims 4 u 2 get would be alex 48h triple walls, u might sacrafice some weight and they're a tad pricey but the r nice. reply back yo. u got an AIM s/n?  

02 Feb 2003 21:42
why is it that we are always drawn back to bmx riding? I also just picked up a bike off ebay, (DiamondBack Joker for 55 bucks) and i have been looking at buying/selling some other ones. Im trying to get a bunch of my friends here at college into it. I even downloaded the holy grail ( rad )

11 Feb 2003 07:59
triple and double walled rims r just make the rim stronger  

19 Feb 2004 12:46

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