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Hey guys

I posted a topic a few days ago, and none of u replied. I read all the previous stuff u wrote bout dropping in. And so went down to my local skatepark to try and drop in on the 4ft half pipe. Again when i got to the top i just couldn't lean forwards. It makes it worse that i'm 6ft3 so the drop seem double the height it is. Can someone PLEASE give me some advice? I really wanna learn how to drop in!!!!!!!!!

:arrow: Skag  

03 Jul 2004 08:34
well if you cant drop in on a 4 ft then start smaller..if you have never dropped in before then think about what you have ridden down that is "steep" if you dont ride down steep ramps then first practice that..they dont have to have any vert or change steepness just put a plank on some stacked up wood (make sure it is stable though) and start by rolling down that. after you are comfortable with that go to your skatepark or whatever and drop in on the smallest vert ramp you can even if it is like 2 ft high..that is how i learned and when i did skate (i am just about to get new skates...havent done it for about 2 years or more) i started going to higher ramps and before i knew it i was dropping in 10 ft. so if none of that helps and you just cant or dont know what you are doing when dropping in then all you gotta remember is lean forward if you dont you will land on your bahind and regret ever trying to drop in. also if you are dropping in for the first time make sure you got no ramps in front of you because chances are that you will get a little out of control..hope that helped some ahaha if it didnt i wasted a few minutes of my time eh?
you just gotta do it no matter how scared you are!  

26 Aug 2004 01:42
sorry bout that double post  

26 Aug 2004 01:42
dont be such a nonse and get your ass up there a drop in :twisted:  

26 Aug 2004 22:13

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