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[size=6]i cant kickflip, when i kickflip it tends to flip out in front of me or to the side making it impossible to land, i cant slam my feet on it becasue its to far out?....


also how long did it take u guys to land a kickflip? [/size]  

06 Jul 2004 09:06
took me bout 1 month to flip 3 months to land  

06 Jul 2004 11:44
Took me maybe 2 weeks to land it. I suggest practicing it while holding onto something to get a feel of the landing, and learn the timing. I find this to be a good place to learn new tricks: [url][/url] they have good explanations and videos.  

06 Jul 2004 11:56
god dam 4ever so dont give up  

06 Jul 2004 11:57

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