What is better: Flatland or Dirt?

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flatland or dirt?  

12 Jan 2003 23:58
Dirt dirt dirt  

12 Jan 2003 23:59
It is a shame that some one would even ask that question.You must either be young or doent't ride your bike that much.It's all about having fun.If you feel like riding whatever form of biking there is,do it and doen't worrie about which is better.  

12 Jan 2003 23:59
It's all in opinion.

Flatlanding- more technical and can get annoying if u can't get a trick right
Dirt- hurts a lot more but air is fun!!! :wink:  

13 Jan 2003 00:00
DIRT is waaaaaaaayyyyyy better then flatland it has nothin to do with opinion dirt is just better period.  

13 Jan 2003 00:00
yah... except for the fact that that's your opinion...  

13 Jan 2003 00:01
I like Dirt, but i have a great respect for good Flatland riders, as there is a lot more concentration and discipline involved in it.  

13 Jan 2003 00:02
They can't even be compared because they are so different. The patience required to be good at flatland is the hardest thing to develop. I've ridden both and i prefer street, but flatland comes next. Late.  

13 Jan 2003 00:02
all of you bob knobbers who say that dirt or flat land is better either you dont ride or ur just gay. a real rider would know that its all your personal opinion on whats better. i personally like street and dirt but i have a lot of respect to the flatlanders because it takes a lot of skill to do that shiz i wouldnt even know how to go about that take it from me i tryed both and ended up liking street but its all up to u... :roll:  

13 Jan 2003 00:04
personally i like doing both dirt and flatland but i started off just dirt. flatland is alot harder cuz you need alot of concentration and you also need patience to put up with getting hurt and screwing up , but for my taste i would rather do BOTH! and not pick.  

13 Jan 2003 00:05
I love both for their different skills and requirements. A good trick in both leave me jaw dropped just itching to get out on my bike and try it. Thats all that matters in the end :twisted:  

13 Jan 2003 00:06

14 Jan 2003 16:59
park is betta then dirt and flatland :P  

16 Jan 2003 19:26
Your all a bunch of gay lords and you probly all suck at riding cos your sitting at a computer having a pointless discussion about what's better; dirt or flat, instead of actually riding.

All talk and no trouser.  

17 Jan 2003 16:45
chill out man... 8)
the idea here is to exchange ideas, thoughts...
you don't ride 24/7, do you?

welcome to the boards btw.  

17 Jan 2003 17:36
It can be all opinion. If your good with technique and balance then i would go for flatland. If you like the rush, and love getting air then go dirt. Actually they can be compared: They are both fun, and are both a brach of bmx riding. Personaly i like street, but that is only cause I live in the city.  

04 Feb 2003 02:03
All riding is the same nothing is better its just one thing takes more concentration or disipline or skill its all about the fun its no contest man bmx needs to stick to gether and get into destroying skaters and frootbooters(rollerblades)man they sure get i nthe way alot  

18 Feb 2003 23:40
u have to have dirt to dirt jump, you can flatland basically anywhere, so i consider dirt jumping like the desert, and flatland the main course.

20 Feb 2003 04:59
high flier
i like riding dirt and street, unfortunately didnt learn how to ride flatland even though now that im on the off season i try to learn it, so that come this spring i am good at it. so i have to say that there equal in the sense that they are both challenging and require alot of skill to do.  

26 Feb 2003 17:23
just a little something id like to point out, the first 11 posts are all made by the same guy...:) cheers  

07 Oct 2003 00:46
Flatland is can be quite demanding and somewhat wild. But i dont think it compares to catching a good 6-8 foot of air off a double and pulling some sick shit off...  

09 Oct 2003 23:34
Skate and bmx
flatland is fu :arrow: cking hard  

10 Oct 2003 21:56
I'll say dirt is awsome so is any other form of riding but for me flatland is what I prefer...It's what im about.  

13 Oct 2003 20:58
dirt,dirt,dirt and dirt  

19 Feb 2004 12:33
ride both.get 2 bikes-one for dirt one for flatland.i ride flatland in the winter and dirt in the summer.  

11 Mar 2004 03:41
hi guys its nutter from the skateboarding forum i thought id check out this bmx forum any way dirt is cool foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer  

18 Mar 2004 16:49
I believe that nothing is better. Do both. Flatland is very frustrating but cool to watch, and if you can get lots of air riding trails, it's tons of fun.  

05 Apr 2004 02:11
i do both on the same bike  

06 Apr 2004 02:24
Haha, I read this and couldn't help but put my opinion in. I don't care that its like 10 days old. Flatland or dirt which is better...well here's your answer: who knows? Only the person who asked the question does. Because like others were saying its all in opinion. You want your answer to the question, you should go try dirt for sometime then try flatland. You get many answers from experience and experimenting. Another thing, in most cases, you ride dirt and eat it you get broken bones. You ride flatland and maybe some street and eat it you get road rash and maybe some torn TCL's etc.  

18 Apr 2004 10:42
lame dogg
either yo gonna ride to show off or because yo enjoy it, dont ride flatland cause yo scared of dirt and dont ride dirt cause yo wanna look cool, ride however you want dont worry about classes or styles but flatland is where it all started for me now im into pure street to the max  

19 Apr 2004 07:21
some of u r idiots lol it all depends on what you find funner everyone has there own opinion everyone likes there own thing  

19 Apr 2004 10:16
dirt for me but respect to flatlanders.  

20 May 2004 13:22
dirt or me to flatlnd is to hard :cry:  

20 May 2004 15:55
So you saying you can indian air, rocket air, superman, pendulum, tabletop, turndown and so on and so forth but you consider dirt and flatland too hard for you? :?  

21 May 2004 01:15
i chose dirt coz its easyer than flatlnd i tryed flatland but couldent find my balance on most of the tricks.with dirt its just getting your body in the right spot :?  

21 May 2004 02:48
diggy dog
dirt dirt dirt mutha trucka bt i need sum help im 14 an bin jumpin 4 bout a month. learnt ok table tops 1 handers one footers so wats next :?  

19 Jun 2004 20:45

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