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Hey I want to sell my board it goes like this
BlackLabel Board (ragdoll)
BlackLabel Wheels (Econoline)
Monster Trucks
Don't Know the Bearings (Abec 5)

and i want to sell my true north deck with hawk wheels and i forget damn some reds??? abec 5 how much you guys think for the complete and the other stuff  

10 Jul 2004 23:06
is it used?  

11 Jul 2004 00:20
I assume it's new stuff? Or have you skated it all, and then it would depend on how used it is.  

11 Jul 2004 00:20
if its new=$90
if its used=$50(well it really depends)  

11 Jul 2004 00:30
yeh it depends what condition its in  

11 Jul 2004 03:03
i dunno mostly just boardslide marks nothing else no chips BS marks is just smuged paint on both boards  

12 Jul 2004 07:29
mr jones
yo fat skater, you should send a pic of your stuff  

29 Jul 2004 16:02
yea u should prolly around 80 i would say  

29 Jul 2004 19:08

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