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So what do u guys think is better CKY or Jackass?
personnly CKY kicks jackasses ass (lol)  

15 Jan 2003 14:39
cky is definatly better that jackass. jackass is pretty much a watered down version of cky. johnny knoxville doesnt do anything fantastic. he is the star and bam is the creator. blah blah blah....  

15 Jan 2003 14:40
CKY is by far way better, jackass is too sensored & the stuff in CKY is just cooler, plus its like all sk8ers in CKY (pretty much) ^ i agree with white shadow jack ass is a watered down version of CKY  

15 Jan 2003 14:41
Are you guys forgeting about jackass the movie? That wasnt really watered down. The 2 are basically the same damn thing. They both have the same people, basically. The only thing defferet is one is called CKY and one is called Jackass. If jackass had no censors, like the movie, it would be the same thing.  

15 Jan 2003 14:43
when is cky on and what channel cause id never heard of it :twisted: :twisted:  

20 Feb 2003 10:31
cky are a band and they do jackass type stuff i've seen the dvds; CKY4 & CKY2K i want them for x-mas

u know what u said about jackass being like watered down cky or whatever, well that's like Dirty Sanchez is watered dow jackass.... it's like dirty sanchez they just got a camera and filmed a loada random shit where as jacass is named each stunt and it's more planned and funny i'm not sure about CKY tho  

21 Dec 2003 17:50
CKY is a lot betterrrr.. yeahhh mann  

07 Jan 2004 12:26
cky kicks jack's-ass a hole lot better :P  

20 Jan 2004 13:01
the movie steve-o SUCKS!!Serious that guy freak'n gay like he dosen't do anything crazy just dumb.Oh but yeah cky woops jackass  

04 Feb 2004 22:33
dirty sanchez is shit jackass ok bit boring now cky rule and the new show viva la bam is ok there all on mtv cept cky  

17 Mar 2004 11:45
i've never actually seen cky? where can i watch it?  

18 Mar 2004 21:16
by it you sukka you can get the rounds now there brills well worth a look  

24 Mar 2004 13:21
jackass is the same dern thing as cky...  

14 Apr 2004 18:54
Those who are saying Jackass is the same thing as CKY, must not have seen all of them? CKY in my point of view is has more comedy and more intense stunts. And someone said the something about the band. The band aren't the same people from the movie except for Bam's brother Jess I believe. And another person asked what channel CKY is on, CKY is not on a channel they are movies. You can probably buy the entire set at a local skateshop or warehouse music.  

18 Apr 2004 11:01
1st post. i used to skate, now i BMX. good stuff.

anyways, they both are crazy. check out
pretty good videos at that site  

20 Apr 2004 07:56
Yeah,do you know any homemade sites of thier own jackass stunts?I checked most of them out but a pretty crazy team is [url][/url] and the funniest one every (very creative) is [url][/url] Local Felons is the best check out all their videos.....hilarious!!! :lol:  

28 Apr 2004 22:02
they both kick ass id have 2 say jackass tho  

15 Jul 2004 17:22
yeah me 2  

15 Jul 2004 17:25
Bams hot.  

29 Nov 2004 15:55
i would have to say cky is somewhat cooler most of the time BUT a lot of jackass stuff is kina cool too and i have at least 2 cky videos liked them both  

17 Aug 2005 03:08

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