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Just wanted to say hello, this is my first post....Yes, I'm a newbie....SO what's everyone listening to? :lol:  

16 Jul 2004 22:53
hey welcome im listening to some good music  

17 Jul 2004 04:05
cky and rhcp r the best bands eva  

17 Jul 2004 19:57
I'm listening to Green Day - Hitchin' a Ride now.  

17 Jul 2004 20:20
green day are cool i like basket case and waiting  

17 Jul 2004 20:29
C.O.F. are a cool local band  

17 Jul 2004 21:24

17 Jul 2004 21:39
yea go to [url]www.fuckcof.com[/url]  

18 Jul 2004 03:23
What kind of music are they?  

18 Jul 2004 09:33
punk not like the new shitty pop stuff but older style  

18 Jul 2004 17:57
Oh thats cool.  

18 Jul 2004 19:11
mr jones
SYSTEM OF A DOWN! any fans?  

29 Jul 2004 16:23
not a big fan there ok  

29 Jul 2004 16:24
yea they not bad but there drummer is amazing  

29 Jul 2004 18:55
rite now nine inch nails /burn  

29 Jul 2004 21:29
i havent really herd them  

30 Jul 2004 07:53
how old are you ?
it's just sorda weird you haven't herd much of them and i like soad !!  

31 Jul 2004 00:53
15 u  

31 Jul 2004 01:19
14 :twisted:  

31 Jul 2004 04:20
Drowning Pool...  

31 Jul 2004 04:42
now imlistening to californi a redemption. againa local band  

31 Jul 2004 18:13
im listening to gwar  

31 Jul 2004 18:14
1.) [b]Draw Blood[/b] - local Boston,MA hardcore band
2.)[b]Fragments[/b] - newest band added to Deepsend records.([url]www.Deepsend.com[/url])
3.)[b]Primus [/b]- Sailing the seas of cheese
4.) [b]Rise Against[/b]

22 Sep 2004 08:05
that is so funny  

22 Sep 2004 23:15
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28 Sep 2004 19:30

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