backside varial flip? how?

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plz tell me I can varial flip :D  

16 Jul 2004 23:42
u can varial flip  

17 Jul 2004 04:11
oops I meant: Plz tell me, I already kno how to varial flip  

18 Jul 2004 00:47

18 Jul 2004 03:25
He knows how to frontside, he wants to learn how to backside. I think?  

18 Jul 2004 11:39
Which is called a backside flip, I'm pretty sure.  

18 Jul 2004 11:40
The first thing you should do is put your foot like you would for either a kickflip or a varial flip. Try both--it is different for different people and different boards.

Now wind up your body in the opposite direction you are going to turn (towards your back) then unwind and spin your board like a varial flip. To do this, start to turn the way you are spinning (toward your stomach), kick your front foot out, and kick your back foot backwards. Spin your body, stay above the board, and turn with it the whole time.

When you and the board are turned in the air, catch the board and land as cleanly as possible. Absorb the shock of the landing with your knees.  

18 Jul 2004 11:41
ooo i get it ok im stupid  

18 Jul 2004 18:04
if you wanna know fakie backsides i can tell you that.
first im Goofy so this might not work for you weirdo un goofies. get your fakie goin. so your like riding backwards(back foot is forward now) and it should be heel side on your nose and your right foot (goofy) is at the back and i like mine going heel. pop anf kick and it should work out sorry i cant describe it better  

18 Jul 2004 21:12

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