Hey fatsk8er where u from? and anyone else...

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plz post my fellow sk8ers  

18 Jul 2004 01:13
cali dog  

18 Jul 2004 03:23
cali :)  

18 Jul 2004 09:30

19 Jul 2004 01:49
:cry: Tennessee....  

19 Jul 2004 01:49
That sucks  

19 Jul 2004 10:33
im from england a city called portsmouth  

19 Jul 2004 12:38
i think ive herd of it before  

19 Jul 2004 17:25

19 Jul 2004 17:27
awsome so r u like close 2 a beach and do u surf or nething  

19 Jul 2004 23:58
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
Canada,Ontario,Aylmer....now who the frick else lives there? Nobody? Didn't think so.....  

04 Aug 2004 23:26
da sk8er gurl
i live in alberta canada canadian gurl kick butt...  

05 Aug 2004 00:27
Austin Texas  

05 Aug 2004 02:22
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
[quote=da sk8er gurl]i live in alberta canada canadian gurl kick butt...[/quote]
Canada RULES!!!!!!

[quote=drummerchick14]Austin Texas


But everything is bigger in texas so that alright...lol  

06 Aug 2004 23:45
michigan hell yah!  

08 Aug 2004 06:58
yeah it's big here lol but i love canada it's so... sweet !!! and pretty and not as hot as here  

08 Aug 2004 17:03
i live in bognor in england i live near portsmouth :twisted:  

23 Sep 2004 14:24
what a bunch of pathetic losers..........damn  

28 Sep 2004 17:42
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28 Sep 2004 19:44

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