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Hey whats up everyone? Well anyways, I just thought I'd post about a free BMX magazine, I get that I think is awesome. It's called DansComp. Not sure if anyone else has heard of it, but their website is [url][/url] go get a free catalog, and order your BMX stuff through them, they have good deals. (US Only)  

18 Jul 2004 11:54
o yea i go to that place its cool  

18 Jul 2004 17:51
Hell yeah, I wanna get that bag that holds bikes. So you can take it on airplanes and stuff.  

18 Jul 2004 19:06
yea that things pretty sweet  

20 Jul 2004 17:43
ne 1 heasd of a magazine called sidewalk  

21 Jul 2004 20:08
nope but ill try to look it up  

22 Jul 2004 18:18

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