Bindings: step-ins or straps?

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ok, step-ins or straps?  

16 Jan 2003 00:27
i prefer the straps, i think that step ins would be easier to use but strapies are much more dependable looking.  

16 Jan 2003 00:28
I have used step ins for 5 or 6 years and wouldn't be without them. The storwowner who sold them to me coached a boardercross team adn they all used the same bindings so that have to be relaible and at least equal in function.

I LOVE stepping in and going by everyone else who is sitting there in the snow strapping in - but to me the question is totally a personal preference!  

16 Jan 2003 00:29
I use strap-ins. I've seen some peoples feet come out of their stepins while ridiing. Also, I would hate not having a highback there on my heelslide turns. That would feel retarded. I can do my straps up on the chairlift and ride out from there so people don't have to wait.  

16 Jan 2003 00:30
Actually...I've used step ins once in my life, and if step-ins were the only way I could snowboard, I'd stop snowboarding....It just doesnt feel right....and every1 I've seen using stepins had problems with them. I know this guy who has Flow step-ins....and they REALLY's SO's incredible.....anyways....I really think straps are the best.  

16 Jan 2003 00:31
im a new snowboarder and i need new bindings... whats the best for beginer.

ive been looking at some flow stap-ins i need hwlp deciding what to get  

27 Jan 2003 16:37
totally step ins the rock there are easy to get into right when you get up  

15 Feb 2003 18:20
hey, and step-ins suck huge god damn crap :D  

17 Feb 2003 20:22
Can You say FLOWS????[size=7][/size][color=cyan][/color] Are the bindings of gods! At least goddesses such as myself... :wink: And If you don't like them then you need to get you head checked because all other bindings get screwed up the butt with a cactus in the middle of summer. :twisted:  

07 Mar 2003 13:49
oooo, thats ruff, i tried the step ins before, and i found that stepins can either be jawesome, or crap, mainly because sometimes you get the snow and ice in the binding, and that sucks, b/c then they dont work as well as they should, i love the straps, just b/c i feel safer, but the stepins i feel will advance in their techonolgy, thats when i will get them, but for now, ill stick with the straps... adios, mu chachos!  

20 Dec 2003 03:17
I don't like step-ins. I prefers straps because I feel more support and security. I've heard a lot of good things about flow bindings. I want to give them a try.  

03 Jan 2004 15:51
The stepins are evolving. I will be getting them next year. Stapin in at the top of the hill stinks.  

20 Jan 2004 01:27
strappin in takes along time but i prefer strapins b/c im in the park most of the time and i need to losen my bindings for some tricks and tighten them for others. with stepins they are the same all the time. plus stepins unclip in the park alot  

10 Feb 2004 23:59
if you have never heard of flow bindings you need to visit [url][/url] these bindings are by far the best to have they keep you secure to your board they are very very fast and easy to use check out the sight go to products then click on the binding icon and youll understand why they are much better then step ins or strap ins :!:  

18 Jan 2006 02:21
ya ive herd of the flow bindings, i seen lots of ppl with them they dont look that bad  

18 Jan 2006 03:20
[QUOTE=LlOyD_A7X]ya ive herd of the flow bindings, i seen lots of ppl with them they dont look that bad[/QUOTE] I tried step ins when I just started and quickly switched to strap ins because you feel more secure. I'm not going to lie to you that the flow bindings feel different from the other two but they are definatly worth it ;-)  

18 Jan 2006 04:23

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