Bruskys and Emo come ere!

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Dudes! emo u live right off ventura dude thats tight! I live in Santa Barbara 30 mins from ventura and bruskys where is silverlake! :twisted:  

21 Jul 2004 20:40
[size=2][color=pink]you got it mixed up brotha. I'M the one who lives in silverlake. :lol: silverlake isn't that close to where you live, but my uncle (well he's not really my uncle but i used to call him that) lives in santa barbara too[/color][/size]  

22 Jul 2004 00:10
yea we should try 2 chill one day in the valley or ne place  

22 Jul 2004 07:50
dude that would be tight! So heres my SN 4 AIM: Jonny00Negative  

22 Jul 2004 18:48
sweetness mine is jollyrogerisog  

23 Jul 2004 07:34

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