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So, after blowing out my knee I've decided road isn't for me- its too boring and gives me too much time to think.

The shop I work out sells haros/we the people/ diamond back/schwinn etc. I'm into mountain biking, and was a die hard roadie.. so I'm switching.. what would be the best bike to start out on. I've been riding my friends 20's off and on, and can't seem to get the hang of the basics yet. Mainly cuz I haven't had the time to play around with it....

So what bike should I look at for starting off, remember I work at the shop so I get a good deal.. I'm looking at the 03 flair or f5 (both haro's)


17 Jan 2003 22:36
What kind of riding are you planning on doing? Street, Park, Dirt, Racing, Flatland? Each form of riding calls for a different kind of bike setup, so before we can help you find a bike we need to know what your gonna use it for. Just let me know and ill see if I can help. I've owned all those brands a few times so i might be able to give some advise. :)  

17 Jan 2003 22:37
well since its ur first bike id get any street bmx ( not those crap from walmart) even though ud do dirtjump/etc...
cuz as u know as a mtb_er flat landing is more rough than tranny landing(downhill landing) which u land in dirtjump. street bmxs are design for flat landings and are more tough and besides if u break it u get warrentee  

27 Feb 2003 00:40
we the people they r the best in that selection  

19 Feb 2004 12:43

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