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Well I'm 21 and have been skating seriously for like 2 or 3 years but at the same time it has been very spaced out like i never did it every day. and now i graduated college and have a job in an office. I'm alright at skating, i can kickflip and heelflip and shit, I broke my board a while ago and have just been able to afford one and am gonna get back into it. I get frustrated though because all these like 13 year olds are so nasty at skating it makes me feel stupid because i'm just not that good. Anyone in the same situation?  

23 Jul 2004 20:54
nope im looking 4 a job as we speak  

23 Jul 2004 20:57
dude dont sweat it...thats still cool u can atleast kickflip and heelflip...well i get frustrated alot and also break alot of board kicking them and hitting them against a wall...thats only when i get mad... :oops:  

25 Jul 2004 04:26
when i started sk8in it was only as a joke until i realised how cool is was then i started gettin the sk8in cloths and stuff

i love skateboarding  

25 Jul 2004 17:16

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