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ok, this may be a stupid question.

I can do most things when it comes to riding. but i haven't been able to get away from just going on my back edge. It would make things a lot easier for me if i could go on my front edge too. But everytime i try to switch i just can't. Sometimes i can if i swing my arms. HELLp..it is so annoying.

Thanx mel  

25 Jul 2004 19:58
Oh Shhit
ok go to a green slope. go down on ur heelside then stand up slightly make sure youre leaning on ur front foot and if u keep leaning back try putting ur hand out and reach in front of you. make sure ur lookin up too. ok now after doin all of the above press down on ur front toe and back on ur back heel side kinda twisting ur board and then let ur board start to go downhill and then bend ur knees again and get ur board on its toe side...hope that made sense..email me if u need more help  

25 Dec 2005 03:28

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