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hey yall. there's a 7 stair set in front of my church and everytime i try it i always land on the last step cuz there isn't really a big place to get up speed. like u get 2 good pushes and that's all. so i wuz thinking if i could ollie higher that i could prolly make it. what do yall think? oh and if yall could give me sum tips on ollieing higher i'd appreciate it.

p.s. are dc alias' good shoes?  

27 Jul 2004 05:50
Well I would probably try to first increase the power of those two opushes and try too lift ur feet up more like pull them up. and all dc's r good so buy em!  

27 Jul 2004 08:22
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
Hey man where are you from?Theres this church behind my house (7 Stair) and you get about 2 pushes if your lucky.Sounds like the same stair...prob not but I've done it.The way I always ollie gaps and satir is I go slower cuz I like to extend my legs (you gotta be there to know what I talking about) kinda like pushing my board out with my feet and I always clear the last few steps.Hard to explain and anyways I gotta go....good luck

02 Aug 2004 17:42
i live in south carolina. i screwed my ankle up but i'm gonna try again once it heals.  

02 Aug 2004 21:24
you guys should come and see the stair set near me its like 30 stairs with a rail it's very maddd :shock: :roll:  

03 Aug 2004 23:03
can u do it skateboarder???the stair set i mean...  

04 Aug 2004 05:42
did ne of u guys see ali boulala in sorry try to do that like 27 stair. it was insane. he amazingly was able 2 ollie over all of them and land on the flats but he couldnt land it  

04 Aug 2004 07:35
no way dude i cant even jump the bastard let alone ollie it i saw some1 attemp it but the rail was a bit to high  

04 Aug 2004 15:34
yea i seen boulala go fer that jinormous set he prolly would have landed it if he didnt bust his deck.  

04 Aug 2004 23:01
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
that was a huge set...I'd love to see someone ollie it and roll away....besides Ali B. he's a fucking queer....I don't know why hes even sponsored by flip...prob. cuz he's just so fucked up and will try almost anything....i don't know  

04 Aug 2004 23:14
yea he is pretty crazy and does just abot nething  

05 Aug 2004 05:32
The most I've ever ollied was a 10 set. That was almost too close to call though. The first time I did it, I almost broke my ankle. So I would suggest trying 1) put more power into your pushes 2) Lift your legs up higher and 3) DONT fall! Have fun.  

06 Aug 2005 23:04
Ok dont listen to them,you need to snap your tell back harder and faster.
If that doesnt work it must be your jumping or foot work.  

08 Aug 2005 00:21

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