F'd my ankle up

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I was doing a 180 off a 4' ledge and just landed in front of the board and my right foot just curled under me. I heard the thing crunch. UGH. not broken though, i just can't walk.  

27 Jul 2004 21:17
i no that feeling get better soon dude  

27 Jul 2004 23:54
i messed up my knee one time like crazy. i got mad air off a kicker and like landed weird and fell down. smacked my knee hard and it became swollen like fuck. the next morning i literly could not move my leg at all. i went 2 the hospital and got 4 shots of morphine it was crazy. this was about 4 months ago and my knee is still swollen alittle and puffy  

28 Jul 2004 06:47
OUCH!!!!!sorry to hear that dude....ull get better...i remember when i was trying to noseslide a curb and fell and almost broke my leg....i litteraly couldn't walk for a week....it suked...but its better now...  

28 Jul 2004 07:03
ooo crazy. i had like some crazy brace thing that went up my leg. but it was sweet i missed over a week of school and i didnt do p.e. for 2 1/2 months which was the rest of the year :D  

28 Jul 2004 07:54
fractured my elbow be4 it well hurt luckily the bone did not break all the way through  

28 Jul 2004 17:16
yea thats good.  

28 Jul 2004 17:30
then again i went through all that pain only for a fractured arm if it was broke i could say it was broke but neway u on here all day today i am as its pissing it down and my m8's in sunny spain (not saying i only have 1 m8 :oops: )  

28 Jul 2004 17:32
haha thats crazy my buddy is in spain also.  

28 Jul 2004 17:42
The ankle isn't as bad as i thought. I iced it up a shitload and i'm back on the board. Thank god I can skate again.  

03 Aug 2004 15:17
thats good my freind was climbing on my roof yesterday and slipped and nutted himself on a pieace of wodd. it was sof unny  

03 Aug 2004 19:11

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