I just bought my first dvd...WOO-HOO

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Well i just bought the girl yeah right!I hope its good...Is it?  

27 Jul 2004 22:23
very good  

27 Jul 2004 23:07
ok thanx...i cant wait to watch it...is there any cussing in it????  

27 Jul 2004 23:22
yes its a very good movie. i do not beleave there is at least there isnt alot  

28 Jul 2004 06:49
ok i bought it off ebay so it will be in in about 7 days......i cant wait :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:  

28 Jul 2004 06:58
thats cool. i just download my videos. wut internet connection do u have?  

28 Jul 2004 07:55
Bellsouth internet  

28 Jul 2004 07:59
you shoulddownload like limewire or something like that  

28 Jul 2004 17:43
i know nothing about computers  

28 Jul 2004 20:45
go to [url]www.limewire.com[/url] and hit download. it has a help so ull be all good  

29 Jul 2004 04:08
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
and get sued for it....hahahaha.....just kidding.....I have that too.It's sweet.......but they are really stating to sue people now.Iheard they're having some meeting again in court about what to do....blah!!! d/l rules!!!  

02 Aug 2004 17:30
At the beginning of eric kostons part he flips out on this guy who supposedly steals his wallet out of his car and he swears at him a shitload. if your concerned about swearing i'm pretty sure that is the only part with noticable loud swearing  

02 Aug 2004 17:38
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
Thats soo funny though....  

02 Aug 2004 17:44
when you download stuff delete it from ur harddrive and ut it on a disk and your all good  

02 Aug 2004 19:15
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
hey your suppose to delete it in 24 hours right?  

04 Aug 2004 00:32
i never herd nething like that just do it rite away  

04 Aug 2004 04:42
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
yeah i do mine right aways anyway to.....I think somebody in these forums said it hold on I'll find it....  

04 Aug 2004 23:07
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
here it is....it was by El Diablo


by the way if you download from any random mp3 website its only illegal if you dont delete it off your hard drive within 24 hours - so downlaod as many as you like ,save them onto disc and then delete the file off your computer - o and dont sell the disc either ,thats illegal to.[/quote]  

04 Aug 2004 23:11
o ok cool thats good 2 no i guess  

05 Aug 2004 05:33
What they do is they look for people who have been downloading things like Micheal Jackson, Elvis, Britney Spears, etc... they target things like that because the owners of these names are making a fuss. They don't really care about anthing else. But to be safe, burning it onto a disk and then deleting it is the best way to go. Even so, supposedly once something has been saved on your computer, theres always a shadow left behind, even if you delete it.  

08 Aug 2004 22:45
has anyone seen the gumbo video by arcad?
check out my site! register and post ask questions and get answers from the pro's!!!  

09 Aug 2004 03:06
ok cool ill give that site a look. to respond to Nolaquen yea everying u save can be traced on ur computer. but u can get this expensive software stuff that messes up the numbers and stuff and it makes itpractically imposible to trace it or c wut uve saved  

10 Aug 2004 07:33
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
yeah but if you buy that then you mine as well just buy your cds and videos....i don't know....right know I'm just trying it this way....  

10 Aug 2004 23:33
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
yeah but if you buy that then you mine as well just buy your cds and videos....i don't know....right know I'm just trying it this way....  

10 Aug 2004 23:37
most of the stuff i download is underground punk bands that most of them are not even together ne more so i dont think there record company will really go after me  

11 Aug 2004 04:07
[b]You can also use IMesh for free downloads. You can get Imesh at [url]www.imesh.com[/url]. There you can download music and movies. I'm sure the same rules apply for movies, that you must delete them within 24 hours because of the copyright laws. I've never hads any probs with iMesh. I still buy the music and movies of people I really want to support like Danny Way and the new DC Shoes video, its awesome!! You should check it out, it has a lot of good footage.[/b]  

23 Aug 2004 18:43

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