king of concrete in two days ( 29 july 2004 )

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i cant wait for the king of concrete  

28 Jul 2004 00:33
wut station is it on? inever wath tv besides movies  

28 Jul 2004 06:42
your in it right skateboarder?if so good luck 8)  

28 Jul 2004 07:00
o sweet dude  

28 Jul 2004 07:55
it wont be on the telly :P :P

but you can come along and watch it its at the south sea skatepark in portsmouth (england)  

28 Jul 2004 17:03
ooo cool.i wanna come but its just alittle far lol. but good luck dude  

28 Jul 2004 17:32
cheers brusky

we should meet up when i come to cally l8er this year  

28 Jul 2004 17:35
yea for sure maby action could come down 2  

28 Jul 2004 17:39
yeah that wood be so cool a week skating thats is the life

we shood all have a game of tricksy

rules of the game 1 person sets a trick to do the others attemp to land that trick normally you select a word for example sk8board and the first to spell that word out loses its a cool game  

29 Jul 2004 14:29
yea we play that out here all the time but we just call it "skate" and the word is skate  

29 Jul 2004 19:12

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