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Hey all, I'm sure you've seen postings about my website and probably shrugged it off. Well let me just let you all know a few things about it. It obviously has forums relating to this one, with extreme sports. But it also has computer help. If you ever have any problems with your computer just go to the forums and let someone know, and you can get help, free. All in the same place where you can get help with your skateboard etc. I also post technology news on the main page so you can know about the latest viruses etc. I have downloads of many things, and if there's something that is not there, you request it and I'll add it ASAP. Sorry to write so much, I just wanted to make this clear. Thanks if you read my essay.  

28 Jul 2004 11:55
I find his site a great recource for anytime i every need ne help with my computer. the downloads are also fun there are games and stuff and also there are like some bmx and skateboard clips that are cool. so check it out.  

28 Jul 2004 17:32

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