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hey people im jay, and ive started basically today to bmx. most of my friends are heavily into it but they prefer jumps and halfpipes and such. i tried these things but got no real joy from them. i saw an amzing flat landing comp from the US and its really got me stoked to start riding. 2nite i learned how to basic j-hop and was getting a few inches lol. currently riding a mongoospro i just wondered could anyone give me any sites, tips or basic advice on how to get going to be a flatlander.

cheers, jay  

29 Jul 2004 01:04
hey wlcome to the site. [url][/url] has some good info and is a cool site  

29 Jul 2004 04:02

29 Jul 2004 16:19
no prob  

29 Jul 2004 19:05

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