the skateboarding game (tricksy)

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rules of the game 1 person sets a trick to do...... the others attemp to land that trick.... normally you select a word for example sk8board..... and the first person to spell that word loses.... its a cool game...  

29 Jul 2004 14:30
yea i no that game we play all the time  

29 Jul 2004 19:11
bet i could whip ypur ass at tricksy 100% win and never lost  

30 Jul 2004 22:48
yea u prolly could lol  

31 Jul 2004 01:21
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
lol....isn't that called s-k-a-t-e? Or h-o-r-s-e for you who play THPS  

02 Aug 2004 17:33
yea thats it. but the only differnce in tony hawk is you need 2 get points not the same trick  

02 Aug 2004 19:18

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