hardest ever decision

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if you lot had to choose between your girl friend and a skateboard which 1 wood u choose  

29 Jul 2004 15:32
mr jones
ahhh man, what a decision .. i dunno.. wish i could have both :D  

29 Jul 2004 15:39
well you choosed skateboard so maybe thats what u wood have  

29 Jul 2004 15:48
mr jones
yeah i suppose, if i carried on skateboarding, i might gain some money through competitions  

29 Jul 2004 15:51
yeah thats true i wont to become a pro but living here makes it hard  

29 Jul 2004 15:54
mr jones
oh dear .. soo what would you pick?  

29 Jul 2004 15:55
both or none  

29 Jul 2004 15:56
mr jones
do you actually have a g.f?  

29 Jul 2004 16:04
yes i do but she does not mind me sk8ing  

29 Jul 2004 16:06
mr jones
oh right, kool!  

29 Jul 2004 16:07
do u have a gf

or a bf who nose  

29 Jul 2004 16:15
mr jones
lol b.f? no im a guy ... and no i dont have a g.f  

29 Jul 2004 16:16
ok dude  

29 Jul 2004 16:18
id say skateboard cause then u can get loads a chicks  

29 Jul 2004 18:56
brett 88
what kind of chick r we taling about here?! geez dump that behotch right away! lol u know my choice :P  

05 Aug 2004 16:23
she is really nice  

06 Aug 2004 00:33
hard 1...prolly skating...  

06 Aug 2004 07:50
mr jones
dude, you have 2 votes on the chart .. not good :(  

18 Aug 2004 16:07
boardin man for you ! :lol:  

18 Aug 2004 21:15
god damn it i've just been dumped by me gf i dont no if it's over for sure but it is at the moment :? :? :?

are well least my skateboard can never dump me :lol:  

19 Aug 2004 13:11
awwwwwwwwwww :cry: :cry: i'm sorry  

19 Aug 2004 18:32
im gunna make a new topic about this  

19 Aug 2004 22:24
I pick skateboard cuz i'm a chick and I'm not a lezbion.  

10 Oct 2004 10:21
in case you dont already no sk8erchick (lol).. we have had some pricks from insanetrain come on here and spam are site just igone them... to be honest i prefer skateboarding right now  

10 Oct 2004 21:27
[size=2][color=red]well i dunno how things are goin now, but it really depends on which you care about more.

well here's an idea. if you need money, just keep you gf then sell her into prostitution :lol:

haha sorry that doesn't help much. i can't really help you here. it's about what YOU care about more[/color][/size]  

10 Oct 2004 21:36

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