my leg is fucked (skateboarder)

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my knee is twisted........ i was in a trolley getting pushed into a bush....... and my leg hit the ground but my body kept going.......... and i twisted my knee............ feels so bad at the moment hopefully it will be better soon :P :P  

01 Aug 2004 22:03
ahhh! :shock:
thats BAD :cry:
hope it gets better! -kisses- lol  

02 Aug 2004 04:40
ooowww dude that sucks.  

02 Aug 2004 04:49
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
whats up with that?I know so many people breaking there legs and stuff like that....I think I'm going to be next eh?naaaa I better not!  

02 Aug 2004 17:24
arghhhhh its swollen up it hurts so bad thanx guys for the symponey (cant spell)  

02 Aug 2004 19:30
np haha i thinks its sympathy im not sure looks good 2 me tho  

02 Aug 2004 19:31
ok thanx for that i hate speeling stuff like that  

02 Aug 2004 19:34
yea me 2 i was lucky 2 get a c in english  

02 Aug 2004 19:38
ok how did we get from me twisting my knee to are school grades

ne way the best i got was a D in science  

03 Aug 2004 23:00
well my teacher was racist(im not lieing)and she gave me an f on all my report cards...anyways sorry bout the leg...  

04 Aug 2004 05:45
that su  

04 Aug 2004 07:32
PE was so funny coz all the fat kids got picked last hahaha :twisted:  

04 Aug 2004 15:33
haha thats funny i was in the fast class so we didnt have ne fat kids  

04 Aug 2004 19:07

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