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Hey. yeah, i'm new at this skateboard thing. i bought just like a cheap run of the mill board to learn on. But once i get alright at riding i'd like ya know...a nice one. SO i was wondering...should i get a long board or short? fat, skinny? w/e how big should my wheels be? should i have low trucks? idk man. like idk if any of this is important but... i am around 5'6'' and weight from 100-105. i am not planning on any vert or anything ya know. I'll be sticking to the street. I dont want to waste my money..,.so can someone give me a hand with this info? thanx man.  

02 Aug 2004 06:45
i would say a flip deck or normal pro deck not long the width u need 2 determine urself wut feels comfortable most people use 7.5 and 7.75
ricta or spitfire wheels 52-54 are good for street i like 53
royal trucks lows

this is what i personally like and use so oother people might have a differint opinion

02 Aug 2004 07:08
Deck: Go with just a blank cuz they are the same as any other boards just cheaper...or a lib tech(the strongest board in the world) Go with a 7.50 or 7.25
Wheels:Dont go with spitfire...alot of posers ride em...go with Ghetto Child 52 mm
Trux:Silver or grindking
Bearings:Black panther  

02 Aug 2004 08:25
i didnt say silver tho cause there more expensive. it dosnt matter if poser use spit fire there still good wheels  

02 Aug 2004 19:30
Hey thanx a lot. I really needed the help. Oh and bruskys, you should definately put your band on i don't know if you've heard of this site, but every underground band has there band on this site...even my good friends are on here. so check it out.  

03 Aug 2004 01:33
ok cool thanks man ill go check it out now  

03 Aug 2004 07:13

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