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hey everyone im making a skateboard/BMX movie and i need clips. If you have some clips of your self can you please e-mail them to me at [email]skateflip@sbcglobal.net[/email]. I will give you your own segment and in the e-mail please give a song request for your segment. When it is finished if you like i will mail you a copy of it. Thanks you very much  

02 Aug 2004 07:11
sorry i dont have a camcorder...ill get 1 with in the next 3 weeks...(i go back to work :D :D )  

02 Aug 2004 08:27
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
Hey thats sounds pretty cool...I'd like to see that movie once your done....I have footage of me but I don't know it works to send it in email?Maybe as long as you don't have some shitty hotmail account like me....lol  

02 Aug 2004 17:18
is your stuff like a qucktime or windows media file or something on urr comp? cause u can send them as atachments  

02 Aug 2004 19:27
i use quicktime  

02 Aug 2004 19:35
ok cool quicktime is better. and i have a mac so its easyer cause you dont have to change the format and everything  

02 Aug 2004 19:37
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
quicktime...yeah I know how to do it but I don't think I can send that big of a file....  

04 Aug 2004 00:29
you can always just send like 4 emails each containing a few clips  

04 Aug 2004 04:45
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
yeah mybe...but I don't even know if I still have my clips on this comp.....cuz I started filimng for my second video and i haven't put the clips on this comp cuz my dazzle box is fucked up!  

04 Aug 2004 23:19
ooo i c ill send u a pm when were bout done with the movie and then u can c i u got em and if u can get it fixed and stuff  

05 Aug 2004 05:31
hey guys have u ever heard of magix movie maker and power dvd there really good

this is my 600th post wahayyyyyy  

06 Aug 2004 00:23
no i havent ill try 2 look them up  

06 Aug 2004 07:27
so when can i expect ur stuff?? feel free 2 add ne stupid stuff cause ima have an didoits section with people being retards  

11 Aug 2004 18:53
i dont no how to how to send stuff through email  

11 Aug 2004 18:56
when u wanna send an e-mail click on the add attachment button and like a box should come up and it lets u look through ur compand u find it ansd click on it  

11 Aug 2004 19:02
dude my dvd is like over 200 mb (mega bites)

its way to big to send in an attachment  

11 Aug 2004 19:04
oooo ok i dont no how 2 save a dvd 2 my computer tho  

11 Aug 2004 19:06
what i would do is send u a dvd disk........ so u can watch it on a dvd player...... it saves all the hassle of saving it to your pc..  

11 Aug 2004 19:08
yea but i wanna put u in my movie so i cant do that with a dvd could u just save the individual files 2 a disc and send it so i have 2 iopen them all individually with quicktime  

11 Aug 2004 19:14
ok i'll try to do that as well

i will still send you a another disk with it on dvd yeah  

11 Aug 2004 19:16
ok sweet ill be looking forword to getting it me 2  

11 Aug 2004 19:18
the dvd is really funny i dont wanna tell bout it coz it will spoil the surprise

you will have to watch it about 5 times to understand it lol  

11 Aug 2004 19:21
ok cool ill do that how long is it?  

11 Aug 2004 19:25
its only a sample its about 20 mins long  

11 Aug 2004 19:41
o cool is it just of u or is it u n freinds  

11 Aug 2004 19:50
every one dude its really good

i would love to go into details but it will be boring for you when u see it  

11 Aug 2004 19:52
ok cool im really looking forward 2 revicing it  

11 Aug 2004 19:57
just to let you no im paul

you will understand when you see it  

11 Aug 2004 19:59
lol ok yummy ice cream for breaakfast  

11 Aug 2004 20:00
i g2g meet my buddy ill talk 2 u later  

11 Aug 2004 20:16
ok cool im off now hopefully it stops raining arghhhhhhhhh

catch u l8er  

12 Aug 2004 14:47

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