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does anybody hunt
i have a 243 and i had a sks  

03 Aug 2004 00:01
ive shoot guns but never hunted looks fun tho  

03 Aug 2004 07:12
YUP YUp Yup it is :lol: :roll: 8)  

03 Aug 2004 17:14
YUP YUp Yup it is :lol: :roll: 8)  

03 Aug 2004 17:15
Hunting is stupid, a waste of time and cruel. Stick to skateboarding.  

03 Aug 2004 21:50
oh ok thanks for your opinion NOT! maybe some of us like it and use the animal for food there for it's not cruel ! it's just like a cow from the store inless of course you only eat veggies . thanks for nothing :twisted:  

03 Aug 2004 21:59
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
you can still hunt if you skateboard it's not like you skate 24/7 ......I would like to hunt with a real gun but the police are stupid and you gotta have your lisence and  

04 Aug 2004 00:34
i hunt deer wit my bow(a fred bear and a pse)and duck hunt(12 gauge)....  

04 Aug 2004 05:48
As long as you guys use the animal thats fine. I just hate poachers.  

04 Aug 2004 14:34
As long as you guys use the animal thats fine. I just hate poachers.  

04 Aug 2004 14:37
i think hunting is wrong i mean using there skin for coats is sik  

04 Aug 2004 15:40
yea that part is bad but if u use all the animal and eat it i think its ok  

04 Aug 2004 19:01
if u wear leather then your wearing a cow....I mean i eat deer so nothins wrong...but if your huntin for sport and not for food thats wrong  

05 Aug 2004 04:13
yup yup i agree plus fur is sorda a weird thing to wear :P i like cotton but deer is yummy  

05 Aug 2004 06:28
i have never had deer wut does it taste like?  

05 Aug 2004 07:30
well whitetail taste like well hmm... sorda gamy but not like any other meat so i dunno how to tell you that but axis taste like a really good part of a cow  

05 Aug 2004 18:06
o cool i will try 2 give it a try  

05 Aug 2004 18:19
i have eaten shark be4

oh yeah and rattlesnake  

06 Aug 2004 00:34
cool i like shark and gatter but never had rattler i tried to get my mom to cook it after i went and grabed the bugger but i couldn't get her to meh is it good ?  

06 Aug 2004 06:46
i shootwater macosons and cotton mouth and i saw 1 rattler and freaked wheni was trying to put a shell in my 12gauge and when i got it in it was 20 feet away and pulled the trigger and blew its head off for fun and he was trying to get my was so cool.By the way i used a slug...and my friend skinned it and put it on his cowboy hat....hahaha he is a bigger redneck than i am...  

06 Aug 2004 07:47
cool when i got mine i smashed a shovel over it's head it was gona grab a chicken lol crazy thats a fun thing to watch a snake devower a chicken :twisted: and i'm not a red neck lol 8)  

06 Aug 2004 15:50
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28 Sep 2004 19:40

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