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I was just wondering how far everyone can manual and/or wheelie. I can manual about 100 feet, and wheelie about 300 feet. Well at least that's the farthest I've gone to date. I'm sure I'll go farther :D  

03 Aug 2004 13:11
i did a long manuel be4 dunno how long  

03 Aug 2004 22:59
i can roll and get on my pegs and manual and barspin while im on a manual...but the longest weelie 50 ft. manual 5 feethahaha  

04 Aug 2004 05:51
ive wheelied pretty far im not sure xactly tho  

04 Aug 2004 07:30
brett 88
i manualed like 10 feet max, wheelie/catwalk about...25-40, ive doen so amny i forget :P but i kinda dont beleve the first post there, hundreds of feet.....*cough* y arent u pro if u can do that *cough*  

05 Aug 2004 16:09
If you go outside, and count 300 feet or 100 feet, it's probably not as far as you think. And don't believe me if you want, and why aren't I pro? Well you don't exactly see the pro's doing wheelies in the X-Games do you?  

05 Aug 2004 21:43
yes action u r rite. because i was AT the x games 2 day and they were awsome and the lonhest manual was like 6 feet over a box thats all ne 1 does  

06 Aug 2004 07:26
brett 88
the thing is....the people in the xgames arent the only pros out there guys, for example go on kazaa download demolition bmx, its a great vid and its got some good stuff, xgames kinda boring compared to it :P i didnt mean to hurt ur feelings, maybe u can. if so, you should post some tips for doing em tht long cuz HOLY SHIt i wanna doit :P  

06 Aug 2004 15:50
Haha, you didn't hurt my feelings. But if people need help doing them I'll help the best I can :P Maybe the people should join my site, if they want help, lol.  

06 Aug 2004 21:50
brett 88
cant u just gimme a few tips here, im lazy :P  

07 Aug 2004 16:57
you should join his site and you will get every singal trip tip you want answerd very fast  

07 Aug 2004 18:10

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