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sk8r_bnmn's ghost
Hey everybody should post some pictures of yourselve and then once thats done THEN you can post some pics of you skating......I like to know who I'm talking to.....  

04 Aug 2004 23:22
it won't let me post my pic man
you people need to see me meh ! :?  

05 Aug 2004 02:29
sweet mini pipe dude  

05 Aug 2004 05:29
i have a really nice halfpipe in my garden but i don't no how to post pics  

06 Aug 2004 00:21
i have lots of ramps but there all piece of junk ramps that break lol  

06 Aug 2004 07:32
da sk8er gurl
i cant post any pics how do u guys do that  

06 Aug 2004 22:11
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
First you click add reply then once your done writing your message you would normally go to submit,right?

Well right above submit there is an ADD ATTACHMENT button.Click that then go to browse and find your pic and submit and you off.....  

06 Aug 2004 23:39
da sk8er gurl
thanks man i can finlly get some pics on  

06 Aug 2004 23:43
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
no problem...  

06 Aug 2004 23:47
hurry and post pics skater gurl.....hahaha  

07 Aug 2004 07:40
sk8r_bnmn's ghost
hey sk8er gurl did you figure out how to do it?  

10 Aug 2004 00:55
heheheh its me  

11 Aug 2004 12:09
wtf my bad i was jus seein if i could post some pics hold on i'll post a proper one soon  

11 Aug 2004 12:10
haha ok cool  

11 Aug 2004 18:11

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