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brett 88
hey, new here, neways, i recently bought an ironhorse fs770 bmx and my front brakes r crap! its got a painted black front rim, which probably adds to it, but i dont know what to do. i have cleaned rims and brake pads, scrubbed 'em, i dunno what to do, someone help meh! by the way its got gyro sst if that matter :P  

05 Aug 2004 16:06
brett 88
i have read about putting helium in tires instead of air, does this help/ is it bad for bikes, will it damage my tube etc etc, tell me all about it i u know nething.  

05 Aug 2004 17:33
MR Fluffy
u said ur front breaks dont work ???? what the hell why do u ride with front breaks all it does is stough up ur learning take them off for 2 weeks and ull see ull learn much easier consentrate on the basics first ounce u pro u can put them back on and helium why do u need that to make ur bike lighter ????? air is air is air stop worring and enjoy riding :D [/code]  

13 Aug 2004 20:13
brett 88
need my front brakes for nose manuals and nose presses and  

14 Aug 2004 02:50
Not if you got the skill to do it without front brakes. I never use front brakes, only back, if I use brakes at all.  

14 Aug 2004 04:32
MR Fluffy
hi there me again just try not using the front breaks it may seem stupid to take them off but ur progress will increase i used to ride with front breaks and all i did was nose manuals but i promise there are way better tricks out there than that  

14 Aug 2004 10:21
brett 88
i just got back from biking, very pissed! never buy a bike from sportchek, if u know of that store lmao. on my bike the following things have been shitty already `1)they forggot to tighten my front wheel 2) the forgot to make sure my brakes worked 3) hey forgot to maek saure my bike didnt make funny noises argh im pissed :x  

15 Aug 2004 00:11
dude that sucks so much  

15 Aug 2004 18:02
brett 88
if i hadnt been fixing bikes since i was 9 i might b introuble eh :P  

17 Aug 2004 16:11
Yee i just bought an ironhorse fs770 at sport chek this morning, i thuink it's fuckin heavy n the front brakes r shit u can't even do an endo, i can't do much tricks either n i need help, sum tel me if i shud return it n get another 1 n wut r good bmx companies?  

26 Sep 2005 02:32
filling tires with helium is expensive but it is nice to have it. ive tried it before  

28 Sep 2005 13:33
tighten the brakes with a spanner  

09 Oct 2005 23:59

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