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hey guys, just signed up to the forum.

i havent ridden in like a year and i want to get back into bmx. i can stil do tricks that i used to be able to (180 bunny hops and general street stuff). a trick that i wantedto start to learn was a wall ride. i just wondered how hard it is to do it from flat ground rather than a wedge and where to start with it. any advice would be great. :D  

05 Aug 2004 17:36
brett 88
ok, first you need to get a fair amount of speed, id say try practicing with a wedge first, and then when ur good do this way. funny hop, say the wallis on the right, lean to the left,ride along as long as u feel comfortable, hop off and lean right. i take no responsibilty for any misshaps u may have from trying this lol  

05 Aug 2004 19:45
thanks alot. would you say that it is a difficult trick to learn hoping from flat ground?  

06 Aug 2004 11:18
brett 88
definitly, i cant do it mysself, but i can do it skateboarding which is kinda alike, its quite tricky that 4 sure  

06 Aug 2004 15:48
the best attempt i can make on it is to get the side of the tires to hit the wall and the pegs too but the bike slides to the floor rather than me pulling off. my friend who rides skateboards won even attempt it lol  

06 Aug 2004 20:52
brett 88
just gotta lean harder, maybe go a bit faster.  

07 Aug 2004 16:58

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