make your own ramps?

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brett 88
so how many people around here make your own ramps? i myself make dirt and wood, rails and boxes and stuff. post what ya got like this:

box w/ rail
dirt jumps w/ gaps  

06 Aug 2004 15:58
box with coping
a few kickers of differnt sizes
dirt jumps with gaps
used 2 have a pece of junk half pipe
and a small box with coping  

06 Aug 2004 17:35
brett 88
not bad, i used to have a few more, like these when i skated

2 kickers, set up as gaps or not.
rail (wood) bad bad bad
rail (metal) bent it
rail (metal) rusted

obviously, they all went to the junkyard lol  

06 Aug 2004 18:21
ive had so many tons of ramps. its just that me and my freinds use piece of junk wood we steal from construction sites. so they dont last very long  

06 Aug 2004 18:38
brett 88
haha, thats a good idea.  

07 Aug 2004 16:59
yea and sually they have tons of nails and stuff lting around you can grab  

07 Aug 2004 18:08
i just made this a cupple of days ago its pretty sweet the funny thing is that i just got back into bmx like 2 or 3 days ago  

16 Aug 2005 05:28

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