someone plz help me wiht some hints for street

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hey i've just startedmdoin street and i know how to buny hop and that dose have eny new tricks wat i can wat r easy  

12 Aug 2004 14:34
Hey dude, welcome to the forums. Endo's are fairly easy, don't take too much practice either. Of course wheelies/manuals, manuals are somewhat hard but just take a lot of practice. 180s aren't too hard.  

12 Aug 2004 22:02
i can do wheelis and manuls but i can't do 180 is there a cretin way to do them  

13 Aug 2004 08:39
MR Fluffy
the way u fell comfortable to turn is the way u 180 just start by manuel turn then lift the back tyre and ull start learning as before action said it is easy but dont be fooled it takes a while but its great ounce uve learnt it

signing out
MR Fluffy
ride 4 life  

14 Aug 2004 10:28
thanks is there eny other tricks wat i can do :evil: :twisted:  

14 Aug 2004 15:29

15 Aug 2004 09:30
learn peg wheelie bar-spins, its great trick, and easy. Take it down somewhere pull a few of those ladies go nuts, thinkin ur a pro or sumthin  

15 Aug 2004 15:44

16 Aug 2004 14:14
can some plz help me to do manuals longer  

26 Aug 2004 13:14

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