what do u guys think of my new website

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what do you guys think of my new website


you can also see this link in my signature  

13 Aug 2004 21:58
i like it its cool  

14 Aug 2004 16:58
dude u had that site for a long time cuz i always look at it...Do u mean rebuilt site?  

15 Aug 2004 00:47
yeah me to it's the same  

15 Aug 2004 05:55
yep i thought so...  

15 Aug 2004 19:45
we have loads of new stuff but my m8 is the only one who can change the site

he is a dumbass arghhhhhhhhhhhh

my pic is not even on there :cry:  

16 Aug 2004 20:25
meh thats to bad and why did he do that ?  

16 Aug 2004 20:42
he first kicked me off the site because i missed a stunt which we planned for ages i was in bed hahaha  

16 Aug 2004 22:15
yeah it says so in his sig..hahaha  

16 Aug 2004 22:18
haha thats funny  

17 Aug 2004 02:47
mr jones
kool webstie skateboarder, nice one :wink:  

17 Aug 2004 16:44
thanx guts i hope to have alot more sk8ing whenthe weather is better

there is a really cool bowl near by mates house and we sk8 it all the time

hope fully it will be on the site soon  

18 Aug 2004 15:17

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