when ur old will u still ride

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MR Fluffy
when ur old will u still ride  

14 Aug 2004 10:31
of course i will  

14 Aug 2004 16:54
brett 88
hell no ill finally realise i cant bmx for shit and give up...and neways, bmxin is hard on ur bak lol  

15 Aug 2004 00:12
ill ride more when im like late late 20's cuz then i aint gotta ask my cheapass dad for money and i can get me a fat $400 dollar bike  

15 Aug 2004 15:41
yea that sounds like a plan x cept ima keep my frame and just put new shit on it and itll be like new  

15 Aug 2004 18:00
[b]I will still ride if Iam good or if I get better. otherwise theres no point cuz theres pleanty of other fun things that you can do.[/b]  

10 Oct 2004 07:47

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