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wut is the worst thing that has every happened 2 u while on a board  

16 Aug 2004 20:05
fractures elbow  

16 Aug 2004 20:29
that sucks. my buddy broke is shoulder like 6 times and has had surgery. on a roller coaster he has 2 sit on the rite side so his left arm dosnt hit the side  

17 Aug 2004 02:50
mr jones
i ollied into a moving van, i had a punchered liver :(  

17 Aug 2004 16:47
haha thats crazy  

17 Aug 2004 17:35
o my gosh how the heck did all that happend was there a spike on the van ?  

18 Aug 2004 00:20
mr jones
spike? nah lol, i ollied off a curb onto the road without looking to see if there were any cars coming.... as i landed on the road, the car hit me down lol :( ow!  

18 Aug 2004 12:27
i thought i broke a rib when i came of my bastard bmx about 4 years ago

i h8 bmx's now they suck  

18 Aug 2004 15:22
mr jones
i like bmxs, i can bunnie hop now as well :D  

18 Aug 2004 15:55
arghhhhhhhhhhhhh u traiter

only kidding  

18 Aug 2004 15:58
mr jones
haha.. isn't brusky a bmxer?  

18 Aug 2004 16:05
i dont think so i think he sk8's mostly  

18 Aug 2004 16:10
nope he is i think about the same or more bmx i usta bmx but i had a bad crash lol  

18 Aug 2004 21:09
nope he is i think about the same or more bmx i usta bmx but i had a bad crash lol  

18 Aug 2004 21:09
yea skateboarder u got it backwords. i bmx more skate some  

19 Aug 2004 20:12
im 100% 4 wheels boys  

20 Aug 2004 12:36
good on you man

but im 110% four wheels  

20 Aug 2004 15:21
i've never really been BADLY hurt but i would guess the worst would be when i ripped some ligaments in my ankle.  

24 Sep 2004 03:35
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