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i was filming some buddys doing these stairs at an apartment building and sme guy who lives there goes on his balcony and starts taking pictures of us then went back inside  

17 Aug 2004 07:52
mr jones
how odd :?  

17 Aug 2004 16:43
yea i no. im pretty sure i remember him doing the same thing like a year ago  

17 Aug 2004 17:36
did you see what he looked like

if he's a old man he is proberly a perv

:lol: :lol: :lol:  

18 Aug 2004 15:20
he was kinda old prolly a perv  

19 Aug 2004 20:13
Either he was a perv, or maybe he was just interested in trying out a new camera, or maybe he was interested in your talent. But I think he was a perv and was interested in your asses... Just an opinion...  

06 Aug 2005 22:58
like that child molestor on family guy?

"i got a whole freezer full of popsicles down in the cellar, why dont you come on down with me and get one?"

"i got a tip for you in my pocket, but i cant get it, my arthritis, why dont you stick your hand in there and fish it out for me?"  

07 Aug 2005 07:31
No hes prob not a perv.hes prob just taking pictures so if anything ever got smashed or damaged then he could show police the pics and you would be in shit becuase they will think it was from skateboarding.thats what happened over where i live.  

07 Aug 2005 18:11
did you know in barcelona that i didnt have on single cop problem even though i skated right in front of them twice?

i wish freedom plaza was like that  

08 Aug 2005 07:38

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