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Having only been to Canada i`m perhaps not in the best position to make judgement - but having discussed this with loads of people i have the following to say :

I`ve been to Whistler twice and just got back from Banff, flight time to canada is anywhere between 7 and 10 hours, lift passes are also very exepensive but:

the food is fantastic and cheaper than in europe. Everyone speaks english. Lift queues are non existent - from what people have told me lift queues in europe should be sponsored by Don King !!!
Lifties are everywhere in Canada - mega friendly and ensure everything runs smoothly. Sunshine Village had lifties handing out tissues for those with runny noses !!!! :D

the exchange rate really works in your favour. i`d say there is a 50 50 ratio of boarders and skiers.

whats the general consentious on this one?  

27 Jan 2003 22:18
Gotta say I agree 100%

Never been to Canada but done a smattering of East and West Coast in US and am of to Colorado tomorrow, together with a few European resorts, Trips to France, Andora and Austria.

North America wins hands down for me. Have never had to stand in a lift que of more than half a dozen people in US as opposed to the millions ( slight exageration) in Europe. All the trails are well marked, everyones freindly.

As an extra bonus I've never had a Skier stab my board with a pole :evil: in the US.......  

27 Jan 2003 22:21
I love Canada, it's just so more chilled out than some crazy european resorts, and you are pretty much guarenteed snow (except this year maybe), and it's generally flufflier/softer than European snow.

Downside is the long flights and a few days of Jet Lag when you get there, waking up at 4 in the morning and being knackered by 10pm (maybe i'm just old), but food is fantastic and cheap. Went to the Spaghetti factory in Banff - 2 loafs of Garlic bread for starters, bottle of wine, loads of pasta, salad, dessert - All for £11.... You get Gorgeous Steaks, lovely burgers and pasta and seafood which are all lovely. Didn't have 1 bad meal in 3 weeks out there.

I find the food in Europe generally crap, although some catered chalets can be nice, depends who you get really! A burger is a crap burger without any bun, and the rest is spaghetti or crouque monsieur things.

The upside to Europe can be the nightlife, generally a lot of bars although drinks seem to have got more expensive since the euro.

In Canada you pay for a coke and get free refills, same with Coffee. Don't see that in Europe.

The downside to Banff is you can't board to your door (unless you live in Sunshine Village), but the other resorts we visited you board back into the village or right to your door (apart from Kicking Horse, a bit hard to board back to Golden!)

There's up's and downs to every resort i guess, but i would go to Canada every time if i could, specially as the exchange rate is so good and it can be cheaper than going to Europe!

No lift ques, empty slopes, friendly people, great food & beer. Right that's it, i'm emmigrating...


27 Jan 2003 22:23
I'm off to Banff next week so I'm dead happy about all the pro-Canada posts here...

I spent a season boarding in France and Switzerland and I don't think it's too bad. The worse resorts we found were the famous ones, like Chamonix, Les Deux Alpes, Val d'Isere etc. But the lesser known ones like Les Contamines were really good. No big queues, nice food for not much money. A lot of people on here seem to have a big problem with France, moaning because the food's different or, god forbid, the language isn't the same. I think it's a bit of a shame really, I rather like France, anywhere can be stereotyped, but it's nearly always wrong...  

27 Jan 2003 22:27
Never been to canada (yet- off in the autumn for a spot of travelling then boarding in winter ) dont forget that one advantage to the more socially minded boarder is that you have to be 21 to drink in canada, or has that changed? where as europe basically um well you dont.....

uh thats the only negative thing i can think of to say and reading this forum makes me want to go now....... will have to wait a few months i think.  

27 Jan 2003 22:29
I'm afraid I must say New Zealand.

Cheap, legendarily friendly and good runs. Not enough lifts at base level, but queues vanish when you get to the upper lifts.

Cardrona is great. Treble Cone is apparently better for for advanced level, but being based in Queenstown, a one day trek to Cardrona was as early as we wanted to get up...

Oh, and Queenstown is the most fun it's possible to have upright. And horizontal, too....  

27 Jan 2003 22:32

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