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Im wondering if any of yall could explain to me how to ollie :oops: ..well thanks.
-Will with a m  

24 Aug 2004 05:30
[i][b]The basic step is to put your front foot just over the first 2 bolts of your trucks your bottom foot on your tail, bend down make your lip hit the floor and quickly at the same time, slide your foot up to the front of the lip and push your front foot down and it will take some time to get it right OK. [/b][/i]:D :) :o  

29 Aug 2004 02:51
i put my front foot about the width of a shoe behind the bolts at a angle back foot half off the tail then u just pop it as hard as u can bend ur knees and slide ur foot up while u jump  

30 Aug 2004 07:53
but how...... do you smack your back foot down and then jump up at the same time ?  

15 Sep 2004 22:27
u smack ur back down then jump and slide ur foot up.  

16 Sep 2004 04:42
but you wont get any air if you dont suck your feet up as high as you can  

16 Sep 2004 05:17
but still they dont need 2 do that until they can ollie  

16 Sep 2004 18:13
That is true. It took me about 2 weeks to master the Ollie. It's not an easy trick for beginners. Ask anyone. Don't get me wrong... after you get it down, it's easy. Here's a tip: Try starting out indoors. Try to ollie on carpet, not moving obviously. Then, once you got that down, go out side and put the back wheels in a crack in the street or the drive way so that you don't move. Once again, you master that, then you go to the flat ground, master that, then you try it rolling slowly. Then after that, you pick up speed until you got it down completely and you can do it in your sleep. Just stay at it and don't EVER give up. That'll get you no where. That's what separates the posers from the real skaters.  

06 Aug 2005 04:57
Probly the best info you can get on here is mine

1-put your foot in the middle of the board but make sure the toes touch the end of the board.
2-put your back foot on the tail of your deck(Board)make sure your toes touch the edge of your board and point to the corner of the tail end
3-then press your back foot as hard as you can on the tail and as fast too,slide your front foot side ways up the board straight
4-Pull your back foot up as high as you can jumping(ok your in the air)But it takes practice to even start geting of the ground and geting higher in the air
5-once your up in the air make sure you follow your board on were ever its going
(and dont hold it with your hands or your probly gonna slice your fingers off)now slam down fast and keep your balance or splat straight to the ground in pain
6-Now this is all in one motion which means do it fast and smart,if your scared of falling try it not moving and do it with your armor on (Helmet,ArmRest,MouthPeace,NeeCaps)doing it out side on the road WILL HELP! because it lowers your scaredness and youll be ready for the reall world of skating,doing it inside will cause damage to your floor and it messes your brain up when your ollieng on the road,it makes you think your ollieng but your not it usually grips the wheels to the floor and make it easier in side and
harder outside. :-) goodluck! you can trust me im an expert at teaching skateboarding.  

09 Aug 2005 04:28
soft trucks are good for learning stuff, im going to get a pair soon  

09 Aug 2005 06:31

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