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i have noticed that most people who go on here, go on at 9 o clock at night my time which is about 3 o clock in the afternoon usa time

i noticed brusky goes on here about 7 oclock in the morning your time which is 1 o clock in the afternoon my time

at the moment i only have the internet down stairs so i cant go on it half the time

but soon i'll have it in my room... when i get paid :D :D  

24 Aug 2004 14:07
da sk8er gurl
well i cant put up with the time diffrenceit mixes me up when im on nobodys on at all and i have to wate a hole day fir somebody to awnser
its the rare time some body is on the same time as me  

25 Aug 2004 12:23
when i get my pc in about a month i'll be on here all night.... so i can see you lot... and talk about stuff....

i have the internet downstairs but i cant go on there late coz i aint allowed :cry: :cry:  

25 Aug 2004 16:26
tthats cool wut kinda computer r u gonna get  

26 Aug 2004 00:04
dunno yet a good 1 though

look at my post count

hahaha :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:  

26 Aug 2004 00:05
haha awsome im only 200 behind  

26 Aug 2004 00:55
hahahaha 201 now  

26 Aug 2004 01:07
da sk8er gurl
lol sweet man  

26 Aug 2004 03:01
Your not allowed? what, you got ghosts in your basement?  

12 Nov 2004 04:06
No no no he has an old hobo down there that gives him the evil eye when he walks down he steps. :shock:  

14 Nov 2004 17:56

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