anybody have any pets or livestock ?

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i have a ton i will tell later if anybody else does lol  

25 Aug 2004 22:15

you have just brought up the best topic ever

right this is the story

my mum had gone away for a week so me, my dad and sis decided to decorate the house... we had laminated flooring done, painted walls and every thing... so then it came to cleaning out the [color=red]fish tank [/color]and we bloody dropped it coz the wires were connected in the back and the fish were going mental and flipping every were

it was the funniest thing ever

oh yeah we have a hampster and a cat  

25 Aug 2004 22:19
oh my gosh that if funny well i have a dog a evil cat 21 chickens 5 geese
2 turtles and like 100 fish hmm.... did anything funny happend....... no but last night a chicken scremed like a fat lady and i was weird a animal was trying to eat it  

25 Aug 2004 22:23
maybe it was your :twisted: cat  

25 Aug 2004 22:24
maybe......... but it was opening a door that was tied with metal so it was probly a wild dog or a racoon  

25 Aug 2004 22:27
i bet you get scared dont you hearing all those noises i no i would

im a little pussy really i hate the dark and scarey noises

arghhh what am i doing i sound like a little girl now (lol)  

25 Aug 2004 22:30
i bet you get scared dont you hearing all those noises i no i would

im a little pussy really i hate the dark and scarey noises

arghhh what am i doing i sound like a little girl now (lol)  

25 Aug 2004 22:30
lol well somtimes but mostly last night i was like gosh just shut up ! but yeah i do get scared in the country in the dark with all the creepy animals  

25 Aug 2004 22:35
well its the complete opposite for me i live right slap bang in the middle of the city... where its loud and very light.... i like coz i no im safe... and i see loads of fights.. specially were my mate lives  

25 Aug 2004 22:38
oh ok well i did live in the city and there was a lot of crime so thats why my parents moved like once a week some one got shot  

25 Aug 2004 22:42

i think my mum would do the same if that happened round here

don't you think its strange that we got from pets to crime  

25 Aug 2004 22:46
lol yeah but who cares it's a chat lol  

25 Aug 2004 22:47

have u noticed how quick the time goes when your chatting... its like nearly 9 o clock at night here

i'll proberly be on here all night  

25 Aug 2004 22:50
yeah i know it's good it means i'm not bored out of my mind lol but are you aloud to stay on late ?  

25 Aug 2004 22:57
yeah i dont care what my mum says.... i can look after my self now im nearly 18... but if i said that to her.... i would probally get sent packing... and have to live on the streets (lol)  

25 Aug 2004 22:59
18 haha i was told that two weeks ago but i was being stupid now i'm fine i was gona go live in the woods or at my older brothers house  

25 Aug 2004 23:02
those kind of arguements always happen and every thing always ends up staying the same

i tried to run away before but its not worth it  

25 Aug 2004 23:03
i know i'd get to bored  

25 Aug 2004 23:05
there is always some one in the world u can run to when your in trouble and that is god

hahahahahahahaha what the hell am i talking about i am losing my mind

i have not eaten for at least 24 hours  

25 Aug 2004 23:10
well yeah thats does make since tho why haven't you eatin ?  

25 Aug 2004 23:12

25 Aug 2004 23:14
oh i see i did that for two weeks once  

25 Aug 2004 23:15
i think i should get a sandwidge or sumfin... its not worth hurting myself for some slut who needs to see some sort of doctor... lol

ne way shall i have cheese or ham  

25 Aug 2004 23:17
lol okey dokey  

25 Aug 2004 23:18
ok cheese it is

i will bring it all here and eat as im typing

grated or sliced hmmmmmmmm i think grated  

25 Aug 2004 23:19
ok yeah i'm gona go get food to  

25 Aug 2004 23:22

do u smoke  

25 Aug 2004 23:24

25 Aug 2004 23:35
well done

i smoked for a bit... i wanted to follow my mates... coz they fort it was "cool".. but its stupid.. i wood rather kill my self sk8in... then get my liver eaten (lol)  

25 Aug 2004 23:38
lol good for you !!*claps*!!  

25 Aug 2004 23:41

we only started this topic like 2 hours ago and its on 2 pages  

25 Aug 2004 23:42
i know i bet we could get it to three before i hafta go  

25 Aug 2004 23:46
when do u think you will have to go

its 21 :47 here  

25 Aug 2004 23:47
at 23:00 over there  

25 Aug 2004 23:48
ok thats still an hour do u have to go shopping or sum fin  

25 Aug 2004 23:51
ok yeah i gota get hardware but my mum just said like now were leaving like grrr :twisted:  

25 Aug 2004 23:57
so u have to leave now if so will you be on here when u get back  

26 Aug 2004 00:00
so back to whats you pets ? :lol:  

02 Sep 2004 07:58
my nan has a parrot its called curry

it swears.... and its well rude.... it think its proper bo i tell the  

04 Sep 2004 21:20
no 1 will understand the last bit of that message unless they watch bo selecta

peace out my fellow keshi heads  

04 Sep 2004 21:21
i got a pet gerbil but my fag skateboader friend stuffed it up his ass; I miss him so much.  

28 Sep 2004 18:16
oh my god your dumber then you look

that was not your m8's ass that was your mums p""sy  

28 Sep 2004 18:19
STFU n00b; I'll own you & every other faggot on this forum.  

28 Sep 2004 18:33

someone is getting pissed off

and it sure isn't me :D :D  

28 Sep 2004 18:34
listen up u british twit of a wanker; no one cares about you or your so call extreme sports forum; i will get my fellow members and shut this site down.  

28 Sep 2004 19:17
bring it on

all talk no action  

28 Sep 2004 19:20
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28 Sep 2004 19:25
I dont think insanetrain has a life....  

18 Oct 2004 00:41
he is jealous of our site

they keep spamming are website but they end up getting blocked hahahahahahahaha :twisted:  

18 Oct 2004 11:55

22 Oct 2004 02:03
can i join this sheeit and make this topic big with you guys?  

23 Oct 2004 21:43

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