why would u learn quiker if u took of your front brakes?

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why would u learn quiker if u took of your front brakes?  

28 Aug 2004 11:17
i have no idea. i took them off cauyse 2 me there pointless and they just add extrta weight 2t the bike  

30 Aug 2004 07:47
MR Fluffy
if u take off ur front breaks
1. less weight
2. if u have front brakes u tend to wanna use them and learn stupid tricks like nose manuel

so take them off and see ????
they are just such a waste of time  

01 Sep 2004 19:07
i just bought a new bike a eastren battery. my old bike a haro tr 2.2 got stolen so ya but any was my old bike had no front brakes and i liked it and my new bike has front brakes and i keep on down nose press's and shit like that so im thinking about takeing them off. so should i take them off or leave them on  

18 Oct 2004 05:35
its gonna be pretty hard to do a nose pic without front brakes lol  

13 Aug 2005 09:41
or whiplash...ooooooooo  

15 Aug 2005 05:51
my bike didnt have front brake and i took them off my old bike

there kinda silly and utterly pointless

i even went riding a few weeks brakeless now thats fun but a bitch where i am cause theres a bunch of hills so its hard as fuck

seatless is fun to haha with no seat and seat post ur bike is so light  

15 Aug 2005 19:05
what are you talking about? theres no such thing as "hills" in la you liar  

15 Aug 2005 22:46
los angeles california not lausiana  

16 Aug 2005 05:27
L.A. california not la the state

forgive me i cant spell haha  

16 Aug 2005 05:33
i have no clue what the advantage of taking the front break off but i dont use it cuz if i need to endo or somethin like that i have a foot  

17 Aug 2005 03:14
i dont know what youre talking about but i was talking about no hills in the angels, i knew that you lived in the angels


17 Aug 2005 07:06
what r u talking about dude i live in the valley...the VALLEY which means u have to be in hills jeese im not im not a liar  

17 Aug 2005 07:58
oh yeah, did you end up going to the x games?  

17 Aug 2005 22:39
theres less on your bars to get in the way  

19 Sep 2005 15:35

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