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I need someone to tell me how to get sponsored :cry:  

29 Aug 2004 02:28
you dont really get sponsered if you look like your trying i always thought that people get noticed

if you look like your trying then you won't get sponsered

also living in england like myself does not help you wanna go to america  

29 Aug 2004 22:05
all i new was that i should send in a sick video with some cool stunts and tricks. :?  

01 Sep 2004 00:47
dont put in bam things becuas eif want to get sponsred the compainies dont wanna see little bams runnign around they wanna see kick arse skating  

08 Sep 2004 09:12
Hey im new here i need a way to get sponsored can u talk me through it step by step??? :D  

21 Sep 2004 15:53
Well in America there is something called The Beast of the East and The Grom Contest series.After that you can get invited to the Zoo York AM in Montreal. If you do good in those you'll be invited to the junior X-Games in Philly, PA. I only got as far as the X-games.

Some more info at [url][/url]  

24 Sep 2004 03:22
The best way to get sponsered is 1) DON'T DO THE SAME OLD SHIT EVERY ONE ELSE IS DOING!!!!!! 2) Don't edit out anything, if you're doing a tape and 3) act like you know what the hell you're doing... That will help. I was sponsered by Mountain Dew for about 2 years. I dropped them because they were ass holes to me and I didn't appreciate the lack of respect. But that is enough about me. If you wanna know more about that, let me know... I'll give you the low down...  

06 Aug 2005 04:45
skate person OH
i can ollie down 3sets,kickflip and pop shuv-it  

26 Apr 2006 01:52
skate person OH
and 50-50,and sometimes 5-0  

26 Apr 2006 01:53

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