IM soooo close please Help me (Kickflips)

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Okay Im new to to this forum, just registered, and I need help.

When I kickflip, the board lands the right way but the trouble is my back foot is on my board but my front foot isnt? what is my problem?

I crouch down for ollie position take off move my front foot along the board cause it to spin, lol and then all I remember is it landing and only having my back foot on.  

31 Aug 2004 03:06
i had d same problem just ur afraid of bashing ur legs on d bord (trust me, im right) jump higher kick harder and dont pop so hard :D  

05 Sep 2004 22:00
kickflips are the easiest flip trick ( if u dont include pop shuv it) all you have to do is practice (obviously)  

05 Sep 2004 22:03
I have the same fecking problem(my front foot lands on the floor and my back on the board)  

30 Aug 2005 16:57
how d u jump higher but not pop so hard?-Shaneh  

30 Aug 2005 16:59
i always kick the board to hard or to little what should i do  

05 Sep 2005 15:44
just jump hier and kick how ever mutch you want just not to little  

05 Sep 2005 15:54

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